Record Book Judging

2019 Record Book Judging Results

2019 State Qualifier RB Finals

Date: July 9, 2019

Location: Montgomery County Extension Office

Entry/Registration Deadline: Record book electronic summary and the list for volunteer judges/CEA ‘s are due June 25, 2019 in the District office. The actual Record books are due in the District Office by Friday, July 5, 2019 for distribution to Judging Site Chairmen. The District record book coordinators listed can also transport your books to Harris County as long as they have the books by July 5, 2019.

Entry Fee: There is no fee for Record books entered in District Competition. First place Senior Record books are eligible to compete at State, and there is a $15.00 fee for this opportunity.

Most 4-H record books are due to your county Extension agent during early June. So prepare early. Begin to develop your 4-H record book in April and May. This will give you plenty of time to get help from your parents, club manager, leader and Extension agent, and you won’t be rushed.

The first step in creating your 4-H record book is to decide what category you are going to enter. With this record book you can enter almost any 4-H project for competition. For a list of current year record book categories refer to the current year’s Texas 4-H Clover available from your county Extension office or the Texas 4-H Web site. When choosing a category, remember that you will want to enter your record book in the category in which you have been most active or in which you have a lot of community service, leadership and learning experiences.

The category list allows a 4-H member, involved in a project that does not fall into a specific category, to enter one of the open categories. There are seven broad “Open Categories” that allow for the entry of many neat projects. However, your project must be listed correctly. For example, if you have an iguana project, list it under the “Plants and Animals Open Category,” because an iguana is a companion animal. You cannot enter a record book in an “open” category it if is listed as a record book. For example, a beef record book must be entered as a beef record book and not in the “Plants and Animals Open Category.


  • Learn record keeping skills
  • Document 4-H learning experiences
  • Teach youth to set goals and monitor progress toward those goals
  • Reflect on and understand the value o 4-H learning experiences
  • Monitor the growth and development of 4-H members
  • Provide awards and recognition
  • Document the value of 4-H participation
    (these are the reasons we do record books, not the objectives reached through 4-H projects and coded into the record book)

9:00 am – Registration
9:30 am – Judges Orientation/Judging Begins

Preparing books for judging:
All books submitted for District Judging should have the following.

  • A completed record book check sheet
  • 3 scorecards/Youth information completed –
  • A tag stapled to the front cover of the book indicating:
    • Age division: Junior, Intermediate, or Senior
    • Grade
    • Awards Category: Beef, Clothing & Textile, etc.
    • County Name

District 9 4-H Record Book Judging Committee:
Michelle Mihalek – Overall Chairman
Samantha Humphries, Southeast Cluster Coordinator
Tina Boresche, Northwest Cluster Coordinator
Courtney White, Southwest Cluster Coordinator

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