Duds to Dazzle

Duds to Dazzle










District 9 TAE4-HA is happy to announce a District 9 Duds to Dazzle training for agents and leaders. The workshop will be held December 12, 2014 from 10am to 3pm at the Tom LeRoy Building located at 9020 Airport Rd Conroe. The cost of the workshop will be $20 which includes lunch. In addition, counties that participate in the workshop will have access to a “sewing closet” to use for their county workshops and contests (this will make more sense after the workshop).

An integral part of the Duds to Dazzle contest is the KIT. Instead of asking you to bring your own 40+ item kit, we are asking you to sign up to bring what you can based on your resources. The goal is to work together to create kits for up to 6 teams. Any item you bring will return home with you, except things that get used like hot glue sticks or thread.

When you arrive at the workshop we will assemble the items into kits for each team, and then create teams. Be sure and label your items so they can be returned to you at the conclusion of the workshop. If everyone works together and brings a few items, there will be enough for everyone!!

Please see attached flyer for details, including the registration link.  The registration process is taking place via “Volunteer Spot” where you can sign up to bring specific items.  The only way we will know you are attending is if you sign up on the link.  http://www.volunteerspot.com/login/entry/597917218068


If you have any questions, please contact Courtney Latour or Kristy Titzman .

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